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"The recruitment experience needs to be positive whatever the outcome"

The recruitment experience needs to be positive whatever the outcome. Positive for the applicant, the resourcing team and the hiring manager too. We'll identify the best processes and technology to use and make sure the brand experience extends right the way through the recruitment process and beyond.

We can help you put technology to work on anything from a monthly newsletter to a virtual careers fair – all of which will create lasting connections with the right people. It begins with content strategies that are designed to reach candidates at the right time… and ends with off-boarding processes that leave everyone with positive memories.

There’s no one-size-fits-all on-boarding strategy, but there is one thing they all have in common - they build a connection between the candidate and your organisation. We can help you make sure your new starters have all the information or advice they need on their first day, from directions to the best spots for coffee or lunch, to new joiner events that can introduce them to your office and your team. And we can back all that up with anything from a printed welcome pack to a socially-driven support network.

First impressions last, as the saying goes. Which is why we’re big on creating candidate literature – like offer letters and welcome packs – that can really wow anyone who joins your business.