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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

These are extraordinary times indeed. And extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. So, has anyone else pushed the button and deployed their work from home strategy yet? How are you getting on? We made the decision to switch to 100% home working after the Government press briefing on Monday evening, and while we’ve always been a pretty flexible bunch in terms of how we get things done, we’re quickly learning what’s really important when an entire business is forced to work from home.

Here’s what’s working for us as a team right now…

1) Having the right systems in place

Almost all of our systems were already fully online and accessible from pretty much anywhere with an Internet connection. So we were already in a good position to be able to carry on all our business critical tasks away from the office. And with a couple of additional tweaks to enable things like remote server access, we were good to go almost immediately with virtually zero impact on productivity.

2) Daily all-hands meetings

This is something we do in person in the office every morning, and we’d usually have one or two people dialling in remotely, too. From Tuesday this week, we’ve all been dialling in remotely via video - and we think it’s really important as a business to continue getting everyone together in the same space. Even if it’s just to make sure we’re all safe, well, and ok.

3) Regular check-ins with each other

Once you start working remotely, you realise that you often take this kind of thing for granted. With the tech we’re using, we all have lots of ways to check in with each other. It’s not quite like being able to slide your chair across the office, but it’s not far off.

4) Fresh air

If you’ve ever worked from home before, you’ll know how easy it is to kick back in your PJ’s on the sofa, with your laptop on your knee, and the dog at your feet. So, we’re all making sure we take some time to get outside and get some fresh air - for our mental wellbeing as much as our physical health.

5) Desks that aren’t too close to the fridge!

Ok, some of you might think this is one of the perks of working from home - some of you might think the opposite. All we’ll say is RESIST THE TEMPTATION!

Let us know how your work from home strategy is working for you. And, as you might have guessed, even if we’re not in the office, we’re all still very much here and very much available if you need us.

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