When you're fresh out of university, starting a graduate career can feel like you've entered a completely different reality to what you're used to. And when that reality is a full augmented reality experience, well that's your student brain completely fried.


NO fried brains

Our brief wasn't to fry brains, but to turn Arriva's graduate induction event at their company headquarters into something a little bit out of the ordinary. And while the budget wasn't huge, we needed to make a big impact while helping graduates build their knowledge.


Fully interactive, fully brilliant

What we did was replaced the bog standard office tour with a fully interactive augmented reality treasure hunt that encouraged each of the graduates to explore the business. We split graduates into 4 teams and gave each team an iPad loaded with an app we'd developed on the Aurasma platform. Teams were also given their first cryptic clue, which directed them to the first of a series of objects that the app would recognise and turn into an augmented reality video which provided the next clue. And so on.

Augmented results

With an emphasis on high quality information rather than speed (each team had to shoot images and video along the way and create a short presentation), the treasure hunt was a huge success. The teams who took part enjoyed a brilliant mental (and physical!) workout and a NetPromoter score of 93 confirmed a 15 point (20%) year-on-year increase.



"“The organisation, content and atmosphere have all been incredible and I feel inspired and proud to be a part of such a fantastic organisation...” "

Will, Graduate

""A challenging event to organise...but the payoffs were huge. It turned a boring tour of the offices into an event with a tangible buzz of excitement.”"

Charlie Reeve, Arriva