The HSS story began in 1957 when Bert Taylor lent his sister a ladder and decided it could be a good business opportunity. Since that day, the business has never stopped growing - and they needed a careers website to attract people who could keep up with the pace. People with 'HSSness'. 


We were hired

With the business growing at a phenomenal rate, we were asked to focus on growing the company's external profile. And all with specific aims of helping them improve attraction and recruitment, explore new markets, control costs, reduce attrition and enhance their reputation and quality of hires.


Here's how we made it happen

Before we could tell the world about HSS, we needed to get to the heart of the employee experience and figure out what makes HSS people tick. We captured their personality. We discovered that HSS is 'a great place to work, with a great bunch of people’. We found that ‘every day is different’. And we learned that HSS is somewhere that you can really ‘make it’ - just like their customers who create it, build it, construct it, fix it, make it...

So, 'make it' became our employer brand concept, and we created clear, simple and gaffer-tape-strong messages that could be easily tailored to particular roles.

All the recruitment tools HSS will ever need

Our first project was a comprehensive careers website with an unusual twist. Because HSS is a true 24/7 business, we created a suite of 24 videos that give visitors real insight into every single hour of life at HSS, add team specific landing pages, additional day in the life videos, live vacancy feeds, a transformed search facility and integration with their legacy ATS system, and the average visitor now spends nearly 2 minutes on the site, helping to drive a 16.6% started application rate.

But we're not stopping there. Watch this space for new attraction, recruitment and retention initiatives, a project to help them further diversify their workforce, a new recruitment toolkit for Branch Managers, and a brand new employee benefits portal.