Hands up who doesn't know MTV? Yes, we thought so: no-one. And that's one reason why we jumped at the chance to help them launch a brand new eLearning offer to their people.


Music to our ears

We'd already worked with MTV before on Channel You, their umbrella eLearning brand. So, the opportunity to get stuck into more of the same and help them launch a new e-learning offer in the UK, together with a toolkit for the rest of Europe, was music to our ears.


It's all about the theatre

First, we planned and promoted a huge launch event, building up plenty of momentum and anticipation before the big day with an email teaser campaign, a show and tell session that felt like a movie premiere, and mirror stickers in restrooms at MTV sites across the UK. And with all creative centering on a 'theatrical' theme, we were able to promote eLearning in a fun and memorable way.

A huge hit

Not only did the number of people attending MTV's eLearning events rise by 40%, the number of people who cancelled events fell by 24%. And because training sessions were closely linked to career stages and competencies, far more employees began to select training sessions that were relevant to their career advancement than ever before.