When the Shepherd Group, one of the UK’s largest privately owned building companies asked us to create a new portal for their employee rewards – we built something that really matched the scale of their business.

Shepherd Group

The go to place for careers info

With federal organisation structure and limited scope for a company wide HR initiative, the Shepherd Group wanted to create something that would bring their people together regardless of which business they worked in. That 'something' initially took the form of an employee rewards and flexible benefits website, with the aim that it would evolve over time to become the go to place for everything career related within the group.


Making rewards even more rewarding

We developed the MyRewards brand, which was subsequently applied to a new website, 3rd party software, and a range of launch collateral. The idea was to deliver the equivalent of a high quality retail experience, but with enough flexibility to incorporate non-retail elements like MyPay and MyHealth - and all with instant access on a range of devices, whether employees wanted to search for holiday discounts or double check payslips.

Results that check out

At the end of the campaign, a fantastic 83% of employees had visited the site (36% visited on launch day) and had spent an average of almost 8 minutes checking it out. In fact, it went down so well that many of the offers were oversubscribed.